The Ultimate Prepper is a collection of blogs, podcasts, news, social media and videos from around the web.


The Ultimate Prepper is a collection of blogs, podcasts, news, social media and videos from around the web.

Episode 237: Kari Kampakis


I am so happy to welcome Kari Kampakis to the show. She is an author, speaker, podcaster, and blogger from Birmingham, Alabama. Her new book for moms, Love Her Well: 10 Ways to Find Joy and Connection with Your Teenage Daughter empowers mothers to help and guide their daughters through adolescence.

I have read the book and it is so helpful. As you will hear in this episode, I put into practice some of her advice the moment after reading it. In this episode, we talk about raising teenage girls. Kari has 4 daughters so she shares something that we need to know about teenage girls. She also talks about how to connect with your teenage daughter, how to elevate relationship over rules, how to love your daughter as she is, and how to choose your words and timing carefully. I’m telling you—so much good stuff in this episode. 

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  • These aren’t years to survive. finish strong because you are setting the foundation for that lifelong relationship between mother and daughter.

  • i think the real struggle for parents in the teenage years is finding that balance between rules and relationship.

  • influence > power

Discussion Questions:

  • What is a tension between you and your daughter? What is a healthy way that you can work through that?

  • What would a healthy relationship look like with your daughter?

  • What is one thing you can do this week based on this conversation?

  • What is your big takeaway from this conversation?

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Thank you for following along life with me. I love being apart of your day. And as always, I hope this show helps you survive a little easier.

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