The Ultimate Prepper is a collection of blogs, podcasts, news, social media and videos from around the web.


The Ultimate Prepper is a collection of blogs, podcasts, news, social media and videos from around the web.

  1. List Primal Survivor

    Stay Aware, Stay Prepared, Stay Vigilant
  2. List Prepper Website

    Preparedness • Survival • Alternative News
  3. List Skilled Survival

    Prepare, Adapt & Overcome
  4. List SHTFPreparedness

    SHTF, Emergency Preparedness, Survival, Prepping & Homesteading
  5. List

    Advanced Preparedness for a Divided Nation
  6. List Survival Life

    Survival Skills Blog & Off The Grid Guides
  7. List Plan and Prepared

    Chance favors the prepared!
  8. List Modern Survival Online

    Thoughts on Survival and the World Today
  9. List Ask a Prepper

    Ask a Prepper How to...
  10. List Prepper 365

    Preparing for an uncertain future and sharing our journey with you
  11. List American Preppers Online

    Preparing in an uncertain world!
  12. List Bio Prepper

    Common Wisdom For Uncertain Times
  13. List Survivopedia

    Uncommon wisdom for dangerous times
  14. List Modern Survival Blog

    Practical Sensible Preparedness
  15. List

    The Daily Web Log for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times.
  16. List The Simple Prepper

    Practical ways to be prepared!
  17. List Apartment Prepper

    Family Preparedness in an Apartment Setting by Bernie Carr
  18. List

    Common Sense Guide to Emergency Preparedness, Survival and Self-Reliant Living
  19. List The Survivalist Blog

    Survival, preparedness and homesteading from A to Z
  20. List – The Ultimate Prepper & Survivalist Blog.

    Information for individuals who wish to achieve self reliance in an ever changing world.
  21. List Prepper Groups | PrepperGroups | Preppers

    1. Ozarks or KS

      22 hours ago

  22. List Prepper Bits Prepping & Survival Blog

    Emergency Preparedness Guide For Preppers
  23. List Know Prepare Survive

    1. 10 Best Air Pistols

      16 days ago

  24. List Preparedness Advice

    We have the answers to your prepping questions.
  25. List The Doomsday Moose

    Don't Fear the End!
  26. List Mom with a PREP

    Everyday Preparedness for Families
  27. List Doom and Bloom (TM)

    Survival Medicine and Preparedness by Dr. Joseph Alton and Nurse Amy
  28. List Top Survival Weapons

    Your guide to choosing survival weapons
    1. Chances of a plague?

      13 months ago

    2. Puukko

      17 months ago

  29. List American Preppers Network

    National family survival and preparedness organization
    1. The Hammock Experience

      16 months ago

  30. List Safecastle | One Shop For All Emergency Essentials

    There are two ways to sleep well at night ... be ignorant or be prepared.
  31. List Everyday Carry Gear

    EDC Kits, Bug Out Bag Essentials, Survival Skills & Homesteading
  32. List

    Because Your Life Depends On It...
  33. List Survival Monkey Forums

    Modern survival and preparedness forums - Information for wilderness and urban preppers during uncertain times. Bushcraft, Firearms and self sufficiency.
    1. New slingshot darts

      2 hours ago

  34. List UK Preppers Guide

    A survival guide for UK Preppers and anyone prepping for doomsday and SHTF
  35. List Preppers Survive

    Emergency Preparedness Blog
  36. List The Village Prepper

    Urban & Suburban prepping, homesteading, self sufficiency and Survival